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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Want to learn Japanese?

    I have 4 years of Japanese under my belt from highschool and college, still 3 more years of college japanese to go but school can only teach you so much. Elementary Japanese by Yoko Hasegawa actually tought me a good amount of japanese.  Classes in school are good, but the teachers have to teach you a set curriculum that does not teach you how to speak japanese, it teaches you how to pass end of year final in japanese. Other books are also acceptable, but they introduce kanji/katakana/hiragana very fast and write the rest of the whole book in only that introducing new kanji characters and expecting you to instantly memorize it, People are not going to pick up on Katakana / hiragana instantly this book slowly introduces it. This book teaches you basically how to speak normal daily japanese. Starting from the very basics it teaches you how to read Hiragana, Katakana, and throws in some kanji in the early chapters, but the main goal of those chapters is to actually learn the language. Throughout the book it slowly gives you more and more kanji/katakana/hiragana to the point where you will know  a decent amount by the time you finish.  Finishing the book i still have to look up some kanji, But i know hiragana, katakana, about 200 more kanji that school didnt teach me. Also how to actually keep a on going conversation going in japanese without having to think for a moment about what to say. Instead of giving you only variables to put into a equation like school this book gives you pre made sentences that are very common in the language, But Also after words teaches you how to conjugate words to make your own sentences.  So if you want to learn about as much japanese as a 2nd/3rd grader in japan knows pick up this book. Also PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE.  In my free time i visit web forums and just talk in very basic simple sentences the more you do it the less you will forget and the easier it will become.

Also if you want help with your japanese, or some basic guides/websites feel free to ask and i will put out some links for you to websites with flashcards/web boards.  I also know a chunk myself so i can answer most of your questions.

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