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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Now you can bring fun to work! The Droid 2-free app's

  I've waited 2 years to purchase a new phone, and my upgrade landed right around the time the Droid 2 came to stores...
             Working full time for the first time in my life, while balancing college/girlfriend has not been the easiest experience, there is little to no free time for myself ever.  Whenever i finally get time to myself it's right around when i should be heading to bed.  I Finally coughed up the money for the Droid 2, i didn't realize how much it could change ones life.  The Droid 2 can do everything you do online and put it in your hand and on the go.  When im at work waiting for something to do for half a hour, i pull out the Droid 2 and play some games, check my facebook/twitter/myspace, or watch some youtube videos.  This is about 10% of the capability's of the phone since it has a wide variety of free apps, which is useful because I'am
 pretty broke from buying the phone.  No longer do i find myself saying i wishing i had more free time, mainly because during said free time i go on my computer which i can now carry in my pocket.  Whenever i have over 5 mins of free time during the day i whip it out and use one of the many apps, that seem to be useful for every aspect of life.  Here is a simple list of apps i use throughout the day that are all FREE!

    Alarm/time, Calculator, camcorder, camera, gallery, Quick Office for Droid, Free GPS , Car Dock: Easy voice navigation for when you are in the car
-INTERNET!     Browser which is just as fast as your home connection, One touch Youtube, Skype Mobile, Pandora Mobile-Free internet Radio, Gmail, Facebook/Myspace/Twitter apps, And Blogger for Droid
     A Wide variety of user made free games, some of them even coming from the iphone/itouch games.  World War, Ninja's LIve, Zombies LIve, Pet's LIve, Robo Defense, Light Race, Candy apple Emulator, Traffic Rush, Gem Mine, Alchemy, Super K.O, Throttle Copter, Gem Mine

     We all get bored, here are a couple random apps.  Metal Detector, Drinking games, Drinking Recipes, Dog Whistle, Friend gps tracker, HTML Editior, Virtual Guns point and fire at things, ESPN SPORTS -keep track of scores, TV on the go watch your favorite tv shows

     I have the Droid 2 only for a few days so im probably missing some important apps, but i have had access to all of the this on the go. Plus these are only the things i have discovered without barely going into the market.