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Friday, September 3, 2010

A MMORPG long ago lost has found its way back by becoming Free ::: Lord of the Rings Online

Starting September 10th Turbine's award winning MMORPG The Lord of the Rings Online will be free to play.  Yes i know we have all heard the game is a waste of time, no where near as enjoying as wow.  But now if you try to balance this with the fact that the game is going to be free, it could be somewhat enjoyable. This is coming from a person who actually bought the game and a 1 month subscription.  I played for about a day and realized what i had payed for, there is literally no reason why you should pay for this game....(Besides the Spectacular graphics)  The population is rather good, but game play is rather confusing and the environment is seriously lacking some well... environment.  Leveling in the game is a little slow but does pick up once you get grinding and questing down.  From there it gets complicated and then in the end past the leveling it starts to get fun when you can actually do enjoyable things.  Well now on to the positives, compared to most free mmorpg's out there this is going to be by far the best one.  This game may not stand out as a payable game, but as a free game it is at the top of the charts.  If you have a pretty good computer , turn the graphics to ultra high and look at the mountains and the detail.  You can tell that the things that did make it into the environment were cared about , and had a good amount of detail to them.  When you dont have to pay for this game it looks rather fun if your bored and or your waiting for your friends to get on wow.  The quest line is huge and is filled with a lot of memorable characters such as well everyone you can think of from the movies.  Plus its lord of the rings which is freaking badass no matter what.  With a decent leveling system, a above average item library , and a good serious social group this game i believe is going to be the best Free MMO.   Hopefully this game makes a come back, in my mind the only reason it fell was because of the high prices, other than that i might still play it along with a lot of other people.  But anyways if your bored enough to read my blog, than chances are you are bored enough to play this game.  It wont be free until September 10th, so 7 days from when I'am writing this blog....So go sign up for the 10 day trial which will hold you over until then!

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Now you can bring fun to work! The Droid 2-free app's

  I've waited 2 years to purchase a new phone, and my upgrade landed right around the time the Droid 2 came to stores...
             Working full time for the first time in my life, while balancing college/girlfriend has not been the easiest experience, there is little to no free time for myself ever.  Whenever i finally get time to myself it's right around when i should be heading to bed.  I Finally coughed up the money for the Droid 2, i didn't realize how much it could change ones life.  The Droid 2 can do everything you do online and put it in your hand and on the go.  When im at work waiting for something to do for half a hour, i pull out the Droid 2 and play some games, check my facebook/twitter/myspace, or watch some youtube videos.  This is about 10% of the capability's of the phone since it has a wide variety of free apps, which is useful because I'am
 pretty broke from buying the phone.  No longer do i find myself saying i wishing i had more free time, mainly because during said free time i go on my computer which i can now carry in my pocket.  Whenever i have over 5 mins of free time during the day i whip it out and use one of the many apps, that seem to be useful for every aspect of life.  Here is a simple list of apps i use throughout the day that are all FREE!

    Alarm/time, Calculator, camcorder, camera, gallery, Quick Office for Droid, Free GPS , Car Dock: Easy voice navigation for when you are in the car
-INTERNET!     Browser which is just as fast as your home connection, One touch Youtube, Skype Mobile, Pandora Mobile-Free internet Radio, Gmail, Facebook/Myspace/Twitter apps, And Blogger for Droid
     A Wide variety of user made free games, some of them even coming from the iphone/itouch games.  World War, Ninja's LIve, Zombies LIve, Pet's LIve, Robo Defense, Light Race, Candy apple Emulator, Traffic Rush, Gem Mine, Alchemy, Super K.O, Throttle Copter, Gem Mine

     We all get bored, here are a couple random apps.  Metal Detector, Drinking games, Drinking Recipes, Dog Whistle, Friend gps tracker, HTML Editior, Virtual Guns point and fire at things, ESPN SPORTS -keep track of scores, TV on the go watch your favorite tv shows

     I have the Droid 2 only for a few days so im probably missing some important apps, but i have had access to all of the this on the go. Plus these are only the things i have discovered without barely going into the market.  

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Here’s a Quick Way to Learn HTML/CSS (web design)

Well i'll start off by saying im not trying to get you to buy this, just thought i would write a little about it and share my experience because i liked it so much.

   My father's friend recently asked me if i would like to work for his small out of the house website design company.  Me being pretty good with computer's told him i would take it , but i only had about 2 weeks to learn html/css.  On their own the two are not to complicated, but it was still a push to get through  a whole style of programming in that amount of time with going on vacation and working 5 days out of the week at a ware house.  Reading every day i got through a good quarter of the book and could easily make you a webpage, and look up the css to make it look pretty.   
           The book it self was 40$ and looks like a pretty big challenge (500 pages ) but if you read for about one hour a day you will know how to build you own easy website.  The author speaks to you like you are a child, which i personnely think works best for learning anything because there shouldnt be anything you cannot figure out on your own or from the book.  I know your saying 500 pages is a lot, but to be honest you can do about 150 pages and know enough basics to insert and learn most everything else you need along the way while using the book as a reference.  I started the job today and could understand a good amount of what was going on, will show examples of my websites in the next couple days.  The only reason i feel the need to talk about this book is because you can learn how to do so much on the internet in just a couple days, i went online for 4 years everyday and didn't even know basic html, and after a few hours of reading, i can explain most pages to you.

Yes we have all had the urge to listen once again: the 8 bit music collective

It offers everything one needs to get in touch with there youthful selves and remember the good old days where everything was 8 bit.  Provides a good amount of 8bit images and custom made music, which are gladly made by the growing community.  I recently discovered the site when i was looking for the original Mega-Man and Castlevania soundtracks.  8 bit collective had exactly what i was looking for and a lot more including user made soundtracks and artwork for every game u can think of.  Popular movies such as Scott Pilgrim Vrs the World has had its soundtrack reproduced into 8 bit form for your ears to pleasure.