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Friday, September 3, 2010

A MMORPG long ago lost has found its way back by becoming Free ::: Lord of the Rings Online

Starting September 10th Turbine's award winning MMORPG The Lord of the Rings Online will be free to play.  Yes i know we have all heard the game is a waste of time, no where near as enjoying as wow.  But now if you try to balance this with the fact that the game is going to be free, it could be somewhat enjoyable. This is coming from a person who actually bought the game and a 1 month subscription.  I played for about a day and realized what i had payed for, there is literally no reason why you should pay for this game....(Besides the Spectacular graphics)  The population is rather good, but game play is rather confusing and the environment is seriously lacking some well... environment.  Leveling in the game is a little slow but does pick up once you get grinding and questing down.  From there it gets complicated and then in the end past the leveling it starts to get fun when you can actually do enjoyable things.  Well now on to the positives, compared to most free mmorpg's out there this is going to be by far the best one.  This game may not stand out as a payable game, but as a free game it is at the top of the charts.  If you have a pretty good computer , turn the graphics to ultra high and look at the mountains and the detail.  You can tell that the things that did make it into the environment were cared about , and had a good amount of detail to them.  When you dont have to pay for this game it looks rather fun if your bored and or your waiting for your friends to get on wow.  The quest line is huge and is filled with a lot of memorable characters such as well everyone you can think of from the movies.  Plus its lord of the rings which is freaking badass no matter what.  With a decent leveling system, a above average item library , and a good serious social group this game i believe is going to be the best Free MMO.   Hopefully this game makes a come back, in my mind the only reason it fell was because of the high prices, other than that i might still play it along with a lot of other people.  But anyways if your bored enough to read my blog, than chances are you are bored enough to play this game.  It wont be free until September 10th, so 7 days from when I'am writing this blog....So go sign up for the 10 day trial which will hold you over until then!

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