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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I know what you are thinking another anime nerd from washington, But seriosly guys this is amazing. Even if you hate anime (even though its awesome) you will like this .  It is about a Alpha Vampire named  Alucard Who is working in secret with the British government to destroy and cover up people who have become vampires in recent years.  Blood & Gore are everywhere in this show,  Alucard carrys a 35 pound pistol that can blow a whole in a person the size of a basketball, But if that doesnt work he will just rip off a body part piece by piece.  This is a very well thought out Anime, 13 episodes i believe is what it came out to be.   It starts with Alucard hiring a new recruit who has to learn to deal with her new fetish for drinking and aquiring blood.  Even though there are massive amounts of Blood & Gore the story is quiet amazing, I guarentee you will put this in your cowboy bebop Tier.

X3 - Terran Conflict 2.0 Aldrin Missions

       Have you ever wanted to have a open world, custom enviroment, limitless reach space game ? Well this game is all of that and more, It is a singleplayer Space simulator.   You start out in first person view in a small space ship near a trading port with a small amount of money. You slowly trade and build up yourself to the point where you are the Domninating power in the universe.  Hundreds of Customizable ships, Thousands of items and upgrades, And a AI that is similar to Oblivions, Each other ship has its needs and permissions and jobs that it needs to accomplish, Making the enviroment in this game the closest to perfect space sim currently available.  You can own your own space stations, Captiol Ships, And hire other ships to trade for you after a point and make your own company. Think EVE online but better, You can actually own and control parts of the enviroment. This is a big step game and it has been pulled off very well.  The only thing that is bad is that it lacks multiplayer, but the positive is that the community is very nice and is still thriving. If you have questions ask because i want other people to enjoy this pearl of a game. Also This is the last release, released in 2009, so not to old of a game.  Excellent graphics comparing with EVE online...set to ultra you will see sir.   ---- Link to the forum/main website.