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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I know what you are thinking another anime nerd from washington, But seriosly guys this is amazing. Even if you hate anime (even though its awesome) you will like this .  It is about a Alpha Vampire named  Alucard Who is working in secret with the British government to destroy and cover up people who have become vampires in recent years.  Blood & Gore are everywhere in this show,  Alucard carrys a 35 pound pistol that can blow a whole in a person the size of a basketball, But if that doesnt work he will just rip off a body part piece by piece.  This is a very well thought out Anime, 13 episodes i believe is what it came out to be.   It starts with Alucard hiring a new recruit who has to learn to deal with her new fetish for drinking and aquiring blood.  Even though there are massive amounts of Blood & Gore the story is quiet amazing, I guarentee you will put this in your cowboy bebop Tier.

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