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Sunday, March 27, 2011


Ok im done blogging on mmorpgs, this is only my second, but it will be at least 4-5 months until another decent one is released, but there are still a good bunch of older ones still played. But more to the point RIFT has finally come out of beta, and is blitzkrieging the game market.  Comparable to World of Warcraft this game takes place in a world with 2 different factions, The Defiant and the The Guardians.  There both enemys fighting against a common threat to the whole world, Rifts have opened up across the world that release demons upon the land. You will be wandering the world and a portal will randomly open up somewhere in the world, Demons come down from it attacking everything they can.  What separates rift from most games is that the "rifts" can release enough enemys and attacks to actually take over the capitol citys and settlements.  The rifts send out attack forces upon the world at random times and can take over towns and use them as there own bases.  In RIFT there is a actually a threat in the world, in wow there is nothing comparable to this.   But unfortunitly that is about is it, adding in a new aspect it is a another questing/hack'n/slash'n mmo.   If you are mmo-less you should pick this up, it is a beautiful game with a good player base.  But if you are currently playing Wow,Lotro,Cabal,Maplestory,etc... you should stick with those.  This is another mmo, 9/10 stars.  Not eneough new elements.

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