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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Final Fantasy 10

Lately i have been overwhelmed by the urge to play final fantasy. i thought i would start with one of the greats number 10. Final Fantasy 10 is divided into 2 parts, FFX and FFX2 or X2 for short. This game even though it is a little old graphics wise still stands up to modern game play. The storyline and character depth is beautiful. The game takes hours upon hours to complete but it is completely worth it.  The cinematic in this game are also part of the drive to finish it, The plot hooks you in with showing you some of the best cutscenese ive ever seen. Especially for the time this game was released.  Also the one thing that stands out about this game is its leveling system. It uses something called a sphere grid instead of levels. There are multiple paths you can take and all cost a certain amount of expierence, think of it like a talent build. The way it is done in this game was obviously dont by a good game crafter  / planner. Anyways if you haven't played look FFX up on youtube and just watch the opening cut scene i guarantee you will be hooked.


  1. The story from the final fantasy are always amazing, and the artwork is just fantastic!

  2. probably the best game i have played...i think ever. Say im dissapointed in modern game developers i think there to generic and money hungry.